About Us

The Financial Counselling Network is a partnership of not-for-profit community service organisations and local government across the Perth metropolitan region who provide advice, assistance and education for people experiencing financial hardship.

Our Financial Counsellors

The aim of the Network is to provide immediate relief to people by helping them make informed decisions to recover from their current financial situation. We help navigate a variety of services and agencies to ensure each of our clients is receiving the best advice and assistance for their situation. We work with our clients develop a plan to alleviate financial difficulty and give them access to knowledge and tools needed to reduce the probability of making bad financial decisions in the future.

We have a strong commitment to community education and conduct workshops on how to successfully manage personal finances, how to develop a budget and how to stay out of debt.

Our partner organisations are well-established providers of a range of community services, bringing a collective knowledge that can provide quality financial counselling and a range of other valuable support to the people using the service.

Member and Stakeholder Services

Along with ensuring people in need are getting the best advice possible to help them through financial difficulty, we also:

  • Raise awareness of financial counselling.
  • Communicate the increased demand and need for financial counselling in the community, including significant numbers of individuals and families who are unable to get an appointment due to appointment availability.
  • Lobby to secure appropriate funding for financial counselling now and into the future.
  • Work with governing bodies to assist with identification of the need for new consumer protection measures.

"I've left your office feeling stronger and more confident, and sometimes that is more valuable than a tangible result. I want to thank you for that. I cannot put into words how much I appreciate your support."


"After the failure of my business, you gave me a sense of security that I needed. I know I have a long way to go, but I now stand a chance. I feel stronger and better equipped to handle the obstacles that lie ahead."


"Without your help, we wouldn't have a place to call home. Thank you so very much."